At DEKING , being the best isn’t an option; it’s our way of life. Inspecting each of the millions of parts we produce yearly is impossible.

The solution is Statistical Process Control (SPC). This process provides a dedicated system of measurement and feedback that connects the inspection department to the shop floor in a tightly controlled loop of information. Parts are inspected for specific features and the results are fed into a computerized system. This gives the quality management team a “bird’s eye” view of the entire manufacturing process, enabling the team to correct problems as they occur.

We’ve invested heavily in our SPC technology to ensure that our products are virtually perfect every time. Our customers can always rely on this commitment to total quality at DEKING Screw Products.

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The supplier shall be responsible for flow down of all the requirements and provisions of
the purchase order applicable to the supplier’s sub-contractors. Additionally, the supplier shall comply with special processor requirements when imposed (e.g. – NADCAP, AMS, Customer approvals, etc.).


During the performance of this purchase order, your Quality Assurance or Inspection and Manufacturing process are subject to review, verification and analysis by Deking, and Deking customers, and/or Government/Regulatory Agency representative(s). This requirement is applicable to your facilities where Deking products and services are processed as well as your sub-tier’s facilities. This ‘Right of Access’ must be flowed down to all of the sub-tiers that you utilize in performance of the contract.


The supplier shall notify DEKING of non-conforming material. Requests for any departures from drawings, specifications, or other purchase order requirements must be submitted for consideration by DEKING in writing. DEKING will in turn either approve or deny approval of the request in writing. Non-conforming material may NOT be shipped to DEKING without such written approval. Non-conforming material shipped on an approved non-conformance must be accompanied by a copy of the signed DEKING approval document.


The Supplier shall maintain adequate records of all aspects of the fulfillment of the purchase order for a period of not less than ten (10) years from the closing of the purchase order unless stated otherwise on the purchase order.