Our founder Gene DeVandry’s experience with screw machines began while building munitions in Detroit during World War II. In 1950, he moved to California and worked in screw machine shops until he started Deking Screw Products in 1962.

Gene worked hard to build his business with an excellent reputation for quality and delivery. His son, Geno DeVandry, also worked in the family business, learning the screw machine industry from the ground up. In 1972, when Eugene was hospitalized for heart surgery, Geno, at 19 years old, found himself in charge of Deking Screw Products for the first time and was forced to quickly learn the business side of the screw machine industry. He found that he had a natural talent for running the business. Today, Geno’s youngest son and Gene’s grandson, Dave DeVandry, is working with Deking – continuing the business through a third generation.

Geno took hold the reins of the company in 1972 with eight machines and ten employees. Using his own ingenuity, and surrounded by talented and loyal craftsmen, Geno was able to increase his business. In 1989, the end of the Cold War that brought freedom to Eastern Europe also brought an end to a large part of Deking’s defense business. Geno responded to this challenge by using his excellent quality standards and reputation to replace the lost business with commercial work.  The 1990s saw Deking Screw Products acquire newer and faster equipment to support its ever-growing commercial customer base.

In the summer of 2002, Deking Screw Products moved into an 18,000 sq. ft. facility in Chatsworth, California, just a few miles away from Burbank.

Today, DeKing is again machining aircraft and defense work along with its many commercial accounts, for numerous satisfied customers.

Besides doubling the machine capacity, we have added eight faster, more reliable Acme Gridley screw machines.

Deking Screw Products now has seventeen screw machines, six CNC lathes, four machine centers, two EDM wire machines, and 5 swiss screw machines. The additional machines benefit our customers with better turnaround times for their products… proving that customer service and satisfaction is our top priority.

All of this is achieved using state-of-the-art equipment combined with modern, efficient manufacturing methods. “It all adds up to outstanding customer service at Deking,” says Geno DeVandry, president. “We’re constantly upgrading our equipment and improving our processes.

Loyal Employees

Loyal employees make the Deking difference. Look at any successful business, large or small, and you’ll find a dedicated team of talented employees. Our key supervisors, Luis, Eliseo, and Benji, have each spent over 25 years at Deking taking pride in providing our customers with consistent top-level service.

Deking also provides in-house training in a classroom setting for its employees. This training was started over a decade ago and continues today. Every employee at Deking has utilized this service, and the training is one of the reasons why the employees have remained with the company so long.

Transforming millions of pounds of raw metal into millions of high quality precision parts each year takes talent, experience, and dedication. Geno DeVandry and his team of over 35 employees respond to customers’ needs with enthusiasm rarely seen in business today.

Joining our company is Roy Wyland.  He is bringing over thirty years of experience in the industry to Deking.  Previously the Operations Manager at Allesandro Automatic, Inc., Roy will be working in the sales department, administration, and providing his knowledge and expertise to our engineering processes.  We feel very fortunate to have a person of his ability joining us, making a great addition to the Deking staff.