Here at DEKING our main strength is our Acme-Gridley multi-spindle screw machines.

We have CNC lathes, mills, and EDM machines, but what sets us apart from most machine shops is our Acmes.

With the combined experience of Geno and his employees here at DEKING, we have hundreds of years of experience on the Acme screw machines.

The Acme is a great example of lean manufacturing.  Running six spindles, with as many as three tools cutting in each position at the same time, is quite remarkable.  Nothing removes metal faster than a multi-spindle screw machine.  After all… this is what our customers are paying for: efficient metal removal.

There are many brands of screw machines and industry professionals will argue which one is the best.

Here at DEKING, we prefer the Acme-Gridley because of its durability and the power it can deliver to the cut.

We also have numerous attachment features that allow the skillful removal of material such as cross-drilling, polygon turning, rotary recessing, end slotting, and thread rolling.  These are just a few of the many machinery attachments available.

We can run smaller quantities, but on these orders we utilize the CNCs.